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Autism services to fit the needs of even the most challenged school districts.

Teacher Coaching

Autism Education Services offers small group and individual coaching for classroom teachers to provide guidance on specific interventions and behavioral strategies that are effective for students with autism both in specialized classrooms as well as general education inclusion settings.  Coaching provides an opportunity for one-on-one training, guiding, instructing, observing, modeling, evaluating performance and providing feedback.

Our autism instructional coaches have a minimum of 10+ years experience working with students with autism in classroom settings. They are well-trained and have experience in many effective methodologies (e.g. structured teaching, incidental teaching, communication instruction, social skills training, play facilitation, etc.) for students on the autism spectrum. The goal of coaching is to be helpful and supportive to the teacher and staff in the classroom so that teachers feel confident in trying new instructional methods and strategies in their classroom. The coaches may spend time observing, modeling, and helping the teacher and/or instructional staff implement and monitor the effectiveness of new strategies with the students.

The coaching provides support to the teacher and staff in becoming proficient at new instructional and behavioral strategies when working with students with autism spectrum disorders. The Coach will provide guidance and clarify specific interventions to use with students with autism in the classroom. Coaching may be provided on a regular or as needed basis. A written follow-up consultation report can be provided upon request.