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Autism services to fit the needs of even the most challenged school districts.

Program Evaluation and Review

Autism Education Services provides a comprehensive review of autism programming for public and private schools. Because of their diverse needs, students with autism may require extensive and varied special education services that can oftentimes overwhelm a school district. Given the divergence of individual abilities and core deficits of students with autism spectrum disorder, it is necessary to provide a continuum of multiple program and service options. Autism Education Services provides a multi-faceted comprehensive program review to assist schools in evaluating existing program options and services as well as areas for continued development.

An autism program review provides an extensive customized evaluation of current practices in autism education instruction and service delivery. Included is a needs assessment (based on research-based autism quality indicators for schools) for students with autism from Preschool through Transition that includes multiple personnel/provider interviews, school site and classroom observations, review of written documentation of program elements (i.e. behavior support plans, data collection methods, IEP’s, etc.) as well as elicitation of parent feedback and concerns. Individualized/Partial programming reviews are also available if school districts prefer to focus on a specific component (i.e. preschools, high functioning, etc.)of autism programming.

Upon completion of the data collection phase of the review, Autism Education Services evaluators will meet with the administrative team and provide a formal detailed in-person debrief of the findings related to each of the essential components of quality programming and practices for students with autism. Specific commendations and next step recommendations for improvement including implementation strategies will be outlined and discussed. A written follow-up report will be provided upon request and at an additional fee.