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Autism services to fit the needs of even the most challenged school districts.

Hands-on Intensive Classroom Training

Autism Education Services can provide intensive support to your teaching and paraprofessional staff by modeling and coaching as part of our hands-on classroom training model.

Autism Education Services consultants will setup a model classroom with visual structure, schedules and work systems as well as develop engaging lessons and functional routines for a select group of students. Our consultants will run the half day program while modeling effective instructional methods, communication supports and behavior strategies for students with autism as the instructional staff observe the consultants teach and support the students. Administrative and related service providers will have opportunities to observe from afar. This will begin to build capacity for understanding best instructional practices for students with autism as well as provide support for the teacher and the paraprofessional staff.  Half day foundation trainings are provided to learn new knowledge and skills as well as provide opportunities to discuss the methods and strategies modeled during the hands-on classroom training.

Teachers and instructional assistants begin to implement instructional methods and behavior strategies with the support of the consultant coaches.   Positive feedback and support is provided to help the teachers and staff to gain confidence and independence in the use of new skills.  On-the-spot problem solving is facilitated by consultant coaches in order to support the teachers and support staff in expanding and generalizing their new skills.

The hands-on classroom coaching model supports staff in becoming proficient in new methodologies and strategies when working with students with autism spectrum disorders. The intensive hands-on training requires pre-planning and daily time for feedback to the staff on the strategies taught throughout the training and coaching experience. Typically, this training is provided during the district extended school year program.