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A passionate team determined to provide programming to all students with autism.

Our Story

Judy Monday, a program specialist in San Diego, with over twenty years of experience creating efficient, specialized and cost-effective programs for school districts founded Autism Education Services after realizing that her dynamic and customized autism programs were being nationally recognized and highly sought after by frustrated parents around the country.

Judy held a hope and idea of sharing her programs with as many schools and children as possible. She decided to create a company that could do just that. Without any outside funding, she put together a team of teachers and autism specialists and began consulting with other school districts in California and spreading the word about the positive results her company has seen with her specialized programs.

The Autism Education Services programs were created with a firm understanding about how the expertise of professionals, personal teacher-to-teacher training and a dynamic, multi-disciplinary approach could be creatively combined into a single solution for districts to provide quality services for children with autism spectrum disorders.

With strong interest from school districts around the country, Autism Education Services has developed multiple consultation packages designed to fit the needs of any school district and assist them in delivering autism programming and training that will help to improve the lives of children with autism and their families.

I created Autism Education Services to share the nationally recognized and proven models that we’ve developed with teachers and program coordinators and to help school districts respond to the needs of  their students with autism.
–Judy Monday