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A passionate team determined to provide programming to all students with autism.


Autism Education Services was created with a passion for providing public school districts with the necessary programs and tools to meet the needs of all students with autism spectrum disorders. We also know the struggles and concerns that come with an underfunded and over extended public autism program because we started out as teachers just like you.

Now we’re sharing our recognized and proven autism program expertise and helping to create more effective and cost-conscious programs, while empowering teachers and administrators with the tools to tackle even the most challenging program needs.

Autism Education Services made it a goal to create and use program models that are dynamic, individualized, and custom-tailored to each school district. Our programs are based on years of experience working with public school districts across the nation. We have always been focused on the custom application of proven techniques instead of the one-size fits all approach used by many other program consultants.

With 60+ years of combined experience in the autism and special education field, the Autism Education Services team provides professional and effective consultation services to many public school districts in the nation. The team of autism specialists has only the highest and most effective certifications for autism teaching and behavior intervention including BCBA and NBCT; a minimum of a Master’s Degree and decades of experience in teaching and program development.


Our mission is to serve the educational community by providing services and support to school districts and teachers across the world in understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders and providing sustainable, research-based quality educational programming.


To be recognized and respected as the nation’s leading organization of Autism education programs and services


  • Autism Education Services will treat each individual with respect, courtesy and dignity.
  • Autism Education Services will assist the school districts and staff we serve in developing programs to support those students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families.
  • Autism Education Services will promote and support the success of each school district.
  • Autism Education Services is committed to carrying out the mission and vision of the company by using the highest quality professional practices, while evaluating our methods of operating on a consistent basis.
  • Autism Education Services will maintain a qualified, competent and ethical staff who are provided with constant opportunities for professional and personal growth as well as other learning and knowledge acquisition.